Condom and also smart, which will tell about the potential in your bed

Condom and also smart, which will tell about the potential in your bed

Condom and also smart, which will tell about the potential in your bed
Condom and also smart, which will tell about the potential in your bed

<> This will remove you from all types of infections.
<> This will also tell you the capacity in your bed.
<> In the smart days, condoms have become smart now.

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Now, your condom has become smart too.

Yes, in the era of technology, when everything is getting smart then why are they untouched ... !! Whereas this thing is very important. Know this article in this article about all the essential things that will tell you how sexy you are in bed. With this, it will keep you away from all kinds of infections.


There has been a new product on the market, which has a lot of discussions right now. This product is 'smart condom' It is made by the British company Idotcon (i.Con). But now the question arises that now what is the need for smart condoms and how it will work.


According to reports, a British conglomerate who created this smart condom has claimed that these smart condoms will also answer many granular and urgent questions about which people did not even think about it. Right now the registration process has begun at an online store in the UK for its sale.

The specialty of smart condom:-

Trust the news, the company claims that the condom will also tell you the performance of your sex. Besides, how many calories have you burned during sex and other data related to sex? This may sound strange to you, but it is also fun and looks beneficial for those who were nervous about their ability. [ Read More:- Expanding sex by wearing socks ]

* According to the company, this Fitbit is like a fitness tracker. But it does not need to be tied or worn in the wrist. It's not like a condom, but a ring that is to be worn over the condom.
* This is the first device of your kind that will go directly to the root and send every report to the phone.
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* Battery life - 6-8 hours
* In the last few times, how many times have you been sexually and how often you can have sex.
* During your sex, how many calories are you burning and how much strength you have made.
* The condom will see how your sex life is. What is your performance in bed?
* It will also tell you how you have sex with different positions.
* Ring price - 59 pounds (approx Rs. 4837)

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Why you need it:-

Presently when there is a time of technology and when companies are offering different types of devices that force us to think, then one question is needed for everyone. [ Read More:- How to make dry sex better in pregnancy Top Ten Tips ]

What do we need it ???

People need it to stay away from the infection. These smart condoms will also send alerts to the problem of UTI, which will alert you on time and get treatment. Well, now it is to see how much they can satisfy people.
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