Careful - What is the loss of sex without condoms in pregnancy?

Careful - What is the loss of sex without condoms in pregnancy?

Careful - What is the loss of sex without condoms in pregnancy
Careful - What is the loss of sex without condoms in pregnancy

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Pregnancy woman is such a state of life in which a woman has to pay attention to her food as much as she has to give on her lifestyle. This is because the way there is a large difference in the structure of a common woman and a pregnant woman. Just like a woman becomes pregnant, her lifestyle also separates from other women.[ Read More:- Women in monsoon have a risk of urinary tract infection unwellness, determine its symptoms ]

But sometimes women refrain from accepting it quickly and live in their own fun. Those women probably do not know that their actions are directly affecting their infant. Sex is the moment of every person's life, which brings great joy and happiness while doing it.

Sex is very different from other stages during pregnancy. Here we are telling you why pregnant women should not use condoms during sex. [ Raed More:- Nutrition must be enlarged when abortion, watch out of those 10 things ]

Often people think that if they do sex without a condom at the time of pregnancy then there will be no harm. Because when a woman is pregnant, then there are no chances of being pregnant nor there is a risk of having an infection in the vagina.

If you think so, it can prove to be very dangerous for you. Because sex without condoms in pregnancy increases the risk of getting STD, AIDS, and Vaginal Infections. This leaves the mother and the child both face a deep danger. During pregnancy, the cervix closes with the muscular plug

By which the sperm cannot penetrate the uterus. Because of this, there is a risk of infection in other parts of the body other than the vagina. Take special care during pregnancy, do not forget to do sex without the condom. { Read More:- New Information For Health }

If you take any medicines for the treatment of STDs due to pregnancy, it can greatly harm your baby's health. The pregnant woman may have Claudia, Syphilis, Herpes, Hepatitis B, Gronorium, HIV / AIDS in addition to STD.

Its direct effect falls on both mother and infant during delivery. Keep in mind that you have already done your STD and other checkups before planning prengnasi. Because it becomes very difficult to identify symptoms during pregnancy.
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