how long does menopause last Changes and their remedies in the vagina during

how long do menopause last Changes and their remedies in the vagina during

how long does menopause last Changes and their remedies in the vagina during
how long does menopause last Changes and their remedies in the vagina during

<> During this time the secretion of estrogen hormones in the woman is stopped.
<> There is a problem of dryness, looseness, lack of sexual desire, etc.
<> Normally the time of menopause comes after 40 years.

Many good things happen in life, over time human beings begin to decrease and that old age also happens. Talking to women, there are many incidents with them that are different from men. Menopause is such a natural action occurring after a hiatus of age. Generally, menopause time is considered after the 40s. During this time there are changes in the body of women and changes in women's vagina also appear. In this article, know about those changes and their measures.

Dry Problems

During menopause, women face physical and mental problems. During this time, the most problem in women's vagina is dryness. Due to this problem, the woman becomes very uncomfortable. During this, sex is very painful. Because the woman's body stops getting natural lubricant.[ Read More:- Nutrition must be enlarged when abortion, watch out of those 10 things ]

Problem of looseness

Due to a lack of estrogen hormone, the physical capacity of women decreases. Estrogen hormone helps to maintain the masculine vigor, which is loose, but when it decreases, the vagina starts loosening. Because of this, sexual desire ends in women.

Lack of estrogen

In women there is a hormone called estrogen, during menopause, secretion of estrogen hormone decreases, due to which the problem of drought in the vagina is high.[ Read More:- Women in monsoon have a risk of urinary tract infection unwellness, determine its symptoms ]

Symptoms of menopause

- Women have menopause time of 40 years or more, during which menstrual period is closed.
- The weight starts growing, especially the fat and hips near the buttocks start growing.
- The vagina starts to narrow down and it stops releasing fluid.
- Mood swings, depression, headache, insomnia etc. are having problems.
- Pain in the joints starts to be a problem.
- To avoid this, exercise regularly, stay in touch with the doctor regularly.

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What methods to try

During this, the problem of irritation in the woman increases, which can be difficult for the woman to handle. There is more problematic due to dryness in the vagina. To remove this, the woman should use the moisturizer. Applying coconut oil to the vagina can be a better option. It contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which also protects from infection. During this time there may be many risks of hormone therapy so you can take estrogen therapy for better and safer options. It eliminates the problem of dryness in the vagina. If mood swings and insomnia are high, then you can take estrogen tablets or injections. Apart from this, always be in touch with the doctor and tell him everything.
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